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Laura Lydall interviewed by Maxim

Laura Lydall interviewed by Maxim December 2016

laura lydallTell us a bit about yourself.

I worked as a lending manager in a major bank for years then decided to pursue modeling and acting. After starring in a few controversial TV commercials, then a TV series and many international magazine covers, I was lucky to be the lead actress filming a TV commercial with Jean Claude Van Damme which is out January. You can watch these on YouTube or my Facebook fan page. This year I was the winner of the Jetset Magazine model contest. I’ve been flying all over the world. In October, I was crowned the winner of the Ms Australasia pageant. I studied finance, but recently I studied personal training and nutrition which I found more interesting.

Where is the most exotic location you’ve been?

Travel is a perk of modeling, and luckily Jetset Magazine awarded me with private jet travel for the next 4 years after winning their modeling competition. The most exotic location so far is the Maldives.


What made you decide that modeling was the career for you?

I decided modeling is something I enjoy and thought I’d take the opportunities that came my way. I always looked at it as a hobby rather than a career any earnings from it are just a bonus.


You are a very busy woman. How can a man make sure that he gets your attention?

Fool proof ways to get my attention come in two categories, namely: bad attention and good attention. If you are able to hold an interesting conversation and have a sense of humor, you have my “good” attention. In terms of bad attention, being overly persistent or obsessive, being sleazy or arrogant, poor manners and men who overly critical of other people.

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